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Earlier this year, Governor Evers signed Wisconsin’s biennium budget, which added $393 million additional dollars to the Department of Transportation. We believe a key factor in maintaining a vibrant economy is a modern and efficient freeway infrastructure. The Alliance has been a vocal advocate for completion of the I-94 East-West project, and has made statewide, sustainable, long-term transportation funding solutions a priority for the past seven years. Efforts to support this have included meeting with state legislators, providing public testimony and increased communication around the topic, including in Alliance communications and media coverage.

Moving people and products in a safe and efficient manner consistently ranks as a top priority for Alliance members—both those already doing business here and those looking to relocate or expand in the region. A well-maintained transportation infrastructure leads to more jobs, a strong economy and increased public safety.

We applaud the Governor and our legislature for putting together a biennium budget that addresses several short-term challenges, and will continue to advocate for long-term funding solutions that are needed to ensure Wisconsin’s infrastructure delivers a competitive advantage for our businesses.

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