Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald addresses Alliance members


Alliance members met with Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) Thursday as part of the Alliance’s One-on-One With Public Officials program. Fitzgerald, who is majority leader of the Wisconsin Senate, spoke confidently about the positive financial position the state is in right now, given that it has the highest budget reserves in the last 40 years. “It’s just mind boggling from where we were when Governor Walker first took office,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald also spoke about the change in “tempo” with split government, a change he said he warned colleagues of when Governor Evers was elected. “We were used to moving 100 mph when working with Governor Walker’s office,” Fitzgerald said.

He noted that 75 bills have made it through the legislative process and arrived at the Governor’s office for signature, in comparison to 400 bills that had made it through the process under Governor Walker during the same time frame. Fitzgerald spoke positively about the state budget that was passed, noting that Republicans “removed 150 items on Day One when the Governor introduced the budget that we felt were policy items.”

Fitzgerald said it was one of the best state budgets they’ve been able to build and specifically mentioned the increase in transportation funding, noting that it was the first time the legislature was able to put together a package to increase revenues for the transportation budget. The Alliance has been a vocal advocate for statewide, sustainable, long-term transportation funding solutions.

In addressing the confirmation of Governor Evers’ cabinet appointees, he said the dynamic has changed from an evaluation of their background and experience, to also include an evaluation on how they’re doing in the role currently.

In speaking about additional legislation likely to be tackled in the few remaining session days, Fitzgerald talked about a crime package expected to roll out in the next few weeks and an agriculture package with 12 bills that the legislature has been working on. The Alliance hosts a monthly One-on-One With Public Officials program to give members the opportunity to meet with local, state and federal public officials. More information about upcoming programs is available here.

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