Manufacturing Alliance

The Waukesha County Manufacturing Alliance serves as a platform for manufacturers to share ideas, encourage innovation, work together to transform the image of manufacturing and target new talent. The Manufacturing Alliance was formed in 2010 in response to the critical needs of our manufacturers, who account for 20% of industry — or 1 in 5 jobs — in Waukesha County.

Here are some programs of the Manufacturing Alliance:

  • Manufacturing Executive Council – The Manufacturing Executive Council is comprised of manufacturing leaders who set the strategic direction for the work of the Waukesha County Manufacturing Alliance – working to raise the profile of manufacturing in Waukesha County, share best practices and attract a talented pipeline of skilled labor.
  • OpEx tours – The Waukesha County Business Alliance hosts Operational Excellence tours for its Manufacturing Alliance members. Company leaders come together to tour a manufacturer in Waukesha County to share best practices, offer leadership level learning opportunities and foster a strong manufacturing environment in southeast Wisconsin.
  • HREx programs – The Waukesha County Business Alliance hosts an HR Excellence Series for its Manufacturing Alliance members to share best practices, offer leadership level learning opportunities and foster a strong manufacturing environment in Waukesha County. Manufacturing human resources professionals from around Waukesha County hear from a guest speaker on the topics that most affect their work day-to-day. Attendees share best practices, questions and ideas through a facilitated roundtable discussion on the speaker’s topic following the presentation.
  • Schools2Skills™ tours – Schools2Skills™ started in 2011 to give Waukesha County high schools the opportunity to tour local manufacturers and see firsthand the innovative and advanced technology right here in southeast Wisconsin. Schools2Skills™ is dedicated to educating students about what the manufacturing industry has to offer, showing them that a career in manufacturing allows those with highly technical skills to excel and succeed.

Connecting manufacturers with legislators to discuss tariffs

While the Alliance has not taken a formal position on tariffs, we are working to connect business to their legislators and others when they have feedback to share. Below is a message from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, Tom Donohue, regarding this federal issue. The U.S. Chamber is collecting information from businesses that […]

Partnering with Waukesha County schools

We know that every day, our schools are doing more and more to partner with business. We too, are expanding our efforts in the area of K-12 relationships, business and education partnerships, workforce development and supporting districts in their academic and career planning work. In recent years, this work has increased dramatically. We’re excited that for the 2018-19 school year, 12 school districts in Waukesha County have committed to work with the Alliance to take these efforts to the next level.

Thinking differently about workforce

The benefits of hiring from outside your traditional candidate pool are numerous. Click to connect with resources to help you do that.

EPA Attainment

The EPA has adjusted its earlier classification for Waukesha County and reclassified the entire county as “in attainment.”

Congrats Elmbrook School District!

On Tuesday, May 1, the State of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation awarded the School District of Elmbrook a $25,000 grant to create a Makerspace and Fabrication Lab or “Fab Lab” at Brookfield Central High School.

New Education Initiatives

Because of the workforce issue and with the launch of Academic and Career Planning throughout Wisconsin in 2017, our new initiatives to connect businesses and educational institutions are of the utmost importance.

Manufacturing Executive Council

Jeff Clark

Waukesha® Metal Products

Jim Zaiser

Vice Chair
Hydro-Thermal Corp

Derek Armbruster

Ellison Technologies of Wisconsin

David Bahl Jr.

Owner/Plant Manager
Weldall Manufacturing, Inc.

Brian Baker

President and CEO
Sentry Equipment Corp

Dan Barich

VP/GM Operations
SPX Transformer Solutions

Betsy Bear Hoff

Alloy Products Corp

Bill Berrien

Pindel Global Precision

Mike Brancato


Larry Brown

Aries Industries, Inc.

Steen Coleman

M2M Group

Kim Erdmann

Entrust Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.

Waleed Gamay

Vice President of Operations
DreamPak LLC

Neal Glaeser

Denali Ingredients LLC

Bill Goggins

Harken USA

Bob Gross

Gross Automation

Tim Hearden

SR Vice President of Operations
Generac Power Systems, Inc.

Ken Heins

KLH Industries, Inc.

Pat Henderson

Director of Government Affairs

Luis Hernandez, Jr.

Urethane Systems Plus Inc.

Matt Hockman

VP/GM Power Delivery & Regulation
Eaton, Cooper Power Systems Division

Neil Karolek

TLX Technologies LLC

Steve Krause

Precision Screw Thread Corporation (PST)

Al Leidinger

Mathison Manufacturing, Inc.

Kevin Lichtenberg

Stanek Tool LLC

Kent Lorenz

Community Leader

Brian Mason

SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc.

John Miller

Engineering Specialists Inc

Michael Mills

General Manager
GE Healthcare

Bob Mortensen

Chief Operating Officer
HUSCO International

Alan Petelinsek

Power Test Inc.

Fritz Reich

Reich Tool & Design Inc

Doug Sawyer

Vice President
Universal Welding & Engineering Inc

Don Schlidt

Dedicated Computing

Jim Schneberger

New Berlin Plastics

Chris Shult

Bevco Engineering Company, Inc.

Jack Siehoff

Waukesha Site & Engineering Leader
GE Power

Eric Skibo

Senior VP & General Manager
MetalTek International

Rick Steinke

VP of Manufacturing
Sentry® Equipment Corp

Judie Taylor

Community Leader

Mark Thurman

Dynatect Manufacturing, Inc.

Thorsten Wienss


Todd Zakreski

HUSCO Automotive

Cheryl Aschenbrener

Business Partner
Sikich LLP

Mike Flynn

Business Partner
First Business Bank

Rich Kaiser

Business Partner
Michael Best

Rick Kalscheuer

Business Partner
R&R Insurance Services, Inc.

Mark Schwei

Business Partner
Consolidated Construction Co Inc