Update on Wisconsin COVID-19 Data


Last week, the Alliance participated in a statewide call with Wisconsin business, trade and professional associations. As you’ve heard, Wisconsin COVID-19 data shows concerning trends that have been worsening. The Wisconsin Hospital Association and other leaders on the call expressed a new level of concern. Public health leaders reported that contact tracing shows multi-factorial spread causes. It is not just schools and colleges. It is in rural communities, vacation spots, neighborhood gatherings, etc.

While this virus has taken an extreme toll on each and every one of you, we applaud the steps you have taken thus far to protect your families, employees and communities. We know you are working tirelessly to provide a place where your employees and customers feel safe. We encourage the business community to remain vigilant, stay strong, and spread the word to those around you about the importance of following public health guidelines. The Alliance remains committed to Waukesha County’s Stay Safe to Stay Open campaign and we invite your organization to do the same if you have not already so.

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