Support for Foxconn’s incentive package


Dear Honorable Members of the Wisconsin State Legislature:

On behalf of the Waukesha County Business Alliance and our 1,200 members, I am writing to you in strong support of the proposed legislation which authorizes an incentive package for Foxconn Technology Group’s investment in Wisconsin.

We applaud the work of Governor Walker and Wisconsin leaders in this unprecedented opportunity, which will be a game-changer for our state and our region. This is by far the biggest economic development project in the history of Wisconsin, the biggest investment from a foreign company in terms of job creation in the history of the United States and one of the biggest in terms of capital investment – all of which justify bold and aggressive actions by the legislature.

The incentives being offered by the state will be tied into metrics and awarded based on actual results, and the proposed opportunities for Wisconsin are staggering:

• Up to $10 billion in investment
• 3,000 initial jobs with a projected maximum employment of 13,000
• $53,875 annual average salary
• Up to 20 million sq. ft. across 1,000 acres
• 10,000 construction jobs to build the campus
• 22,000 indirect jobs
• $4.26 billion in annual supplier purchases
• Estimated $7 billion in economic impact

Business investment anywhere in the state is good for all of us and the ripple effect of this investment throughout southeastern Wisconsin and Waukesha County will be tremendous. We feel that Waukesha County is well poised to be a major contributor to this effort.

Foxconn is expected to make $4.26 billion in supplier purchases annually, and about one-third will be sourced from companies inside Wisconsin. Foxconn has asked for information on complete supply-chain needs within 100 miles of the site, which includes Waukesha County. We have a strong manufacturing base in Waukesha County, and many of our manufacturers can supply the components Foxconn would need. Industries such as plastics, thin-film technology, flexible printing, adhesives and electronic components are abundant here and those companies are ready to embrace any opportunities that a partnership with Foxconn could bring.

In addition, we have outstanding post-secondary institutions and a strong connection between business and the K-12 system, both of which are already preparing students for the kinds of jobs that will be available at a high-tech company like Foxconn.

The incentives being offered by Wisconsin are carefully thought out and include the appropriate
measures such as “pay as you go” tax credits, clawback measures, regulatory relief and more. We at the
Waukesha County Business Alliance recognize that our state has never had an opportunity like this and
the ripple effect in our economy will be huge. We encourage the legislature to act quickly and approve
these incentives to keep Wisconsin moving in the right direction.


Suzanne Kelley
President & CEO
Waukesha County Business Alliance

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