Schools Request Materials to Support Skilled Trades Curriculum

For the past decade, the Alliance has focused on driving solutions around the talent pipeline. After years of hosting students on manufacturing tours and connecting businesses with K-12 institutions, the Alliance recently launched a new program called Industries in Schools. This program takes business leaders on tours of high schools to see the labs, innovative spaces, and curriculum that has been built to support the development of students in skilled trades.

During our first semester of Industries in Schools, a notable barrier rose to the top: materials. As schools work to address the business community’s needs, many have realized the demand for materials is holding them back. This simple barrier could cause a plug in the talent pipeline work that has catapulted Waukesha County as best in the state for K-12 workforce solutions.

The Alliance worked closely with our schools to put together a ‘Material Needs’ list for businesses to better understand what materials are required to keep their instrumental work alive and well.

If you have questions about materials on the list or would like to support a school, please contact them directly. Contact information for the school representatives can be found on the list.  

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