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COVID Liability Protection – Update

January 4th, 2021|

As the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly begin the 2021-22 legislative session this week, one issue of continued importance to the business community is COVID-19 liability protection for businesses, nonprofits, schools and others from frivolous lawsuits. For several months, the Alliance has joined with a coalition of other stakeholders asking the Wisconsin legislature and Governor Evers [...]

Overview of Vaccine Distribution in Waukesha County

December 21st, 2020|

In collaboration with Waukesha County's Stay Safe to Stay Open campaign, the Alliance continues to provide important updates regarding COVID-19 on behalf of the County, including the vaccine distribution rollout. If you have immediate questions regarding the information below, please contact Amanda Payne, Senior Vice President of Public Policy. The Alliance will continue to provide updates [...]

Fall 2020 Leadership Waukesha County Graduates

December 19th, 2020|

The Alliance would like to congratulate our Fall 2020 Leadership Waukesha County participants for completing the first ever virtual program! Participants celebrated the final session of the program by sharing their biggest takeaways and most eye-opening experiences through virtual presentations. Kudos to each and every one of the graduates, and a big thank you to [...]

Court Grants a Temporary Injunction on the Release of Business Names Allegedly Connected to COVID-19 Cases

December 4th, 2020|

The Waukesha County Circuit Court held a hearing on Monday in the case against Gov. Tony Evers' administration over the potential release of information about businesses that have had two or more employees test positive for COVID-19. Following a three-hour hearing, Judge Lloyd Carter dismissed both motions to dismiss and granted the request for a temporary [...]

WMEP: Insights from the Fourth COVID/Economic Crisis Manufacturer Pulse Survey

December 3rd, 2020|

Wisconsin manufacturers remain on a path of improvement although the pace of recovery appears to be slowing, the latest COVID/Economic Crisis Manufacturer Pulse Survey conducted by WMEP Manufacturing Solutions shows. WMEP has released the results of its fourth survey of Wisconsin manufacturers since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March. The survey’s aim is [...]

More Than $100M in Contracts Issued for Waukesha Water Project as Workers Start Laying Pipe

December 1st, 2020|

The new $286 million drinking water system will have underground pipe crossing eight municipalities, carrying Lake Michigan water the city of Milwaukee will sell to Waukesha, and returning it to the lake via the Root River. For Dan Duchniak, Waukesha Water Utility general manager, it is both a big moment and a return to the normal [...]

Regional Stakeholders Support I-94 East-West Project

November 30th, 2020|

Stakeholders from MMAC, CARW and the Alliance have come together to support the revitalization of the I-94 East-West Corridor project, which is vital to Southeast Wisconsin and the entire state's economy. Originally built almost 60 years ago, the East-West corridor of I-94 connects the Marquette and Zoo interchanges. This stretch, which runs for three and [...]

Sikich: 2020 Manufacturing & Distribution Report

November 20th, 2020|

While businesses have faced volatility and uncertainty in recent years, the speed and scale of change increased dramatically in early 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. Sikich conducted its 2020 Manufacturing and Distribution Survey in early March, as the virus began to significantly impact American society and business. Although the pandemic has fundamentally transformed the business [...]

Update on Wisconsin COVID-19 Data

October 6th, 2020|

Last week, the Alliance participated in a statewide call with Wisconsin business, trade and professional associations. As you've heard, Wisconsin COVID-19 data shows concerning trends that have been worsening. The Wisconsin Hospital Association and other leaders on the call expressed a new level of concern. Public health leaders reported that contact tracing shows multi-factorial spread causes. It [...]

Alliance Supports Co-Sponsorship of LRB-6434

September 15th, 2020|

The Waukesha County Business Alliance is encouraging state legislators to co-sponsor LRB-6434/2 circulated by Senator Kapenga, Representative Born, and Representative Knodl on September 1, 2020. The bill would create a safe harbor for all property owners/occupants who are good actors against frivolous lawsuits alleging a plaintiff was infected with COVID-19 at a specific premises. Below [...]