Mini Business World

More than 100 students from Waukesha County school districts participated in Mini Business World at Carroll University this morning.

The one-day Mini Business World event taught students about economic and financial literacy, while stressing the importance of free-market enterprise and entrepreneurship. Students were put into groups with others from different schools and were tasked with creating their own companies from the ground up and competing against their peers in a shark-tank style competition.

The winning group came up with a business that sells an automatic recycling separator bin.

Wisconsin Business World is a program of the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Foundation aimed at providing high school students with economic and financial literacy education, while teaching the importance of free-market enterprise. Business World hosts three four-day summer camps each year, and numerous one-day “mini” programs during the school year for numerous school districts around the state.

Students participate in hands-on exercises that easily relate to the everyday life of running a business and finish each program with a better understanding of the intricacies of business. The program also exposes students to the variety of different career opportunities available after high school or college.