Generac Hosts Careers Uncovered for Educators from Across Waukesha County


Educators from around Waukesha County came together for the Alliance’s Careers Uncovered program hosted by Generac on Monday, January 23. Educators had the opportunity to hear from leaders representing marketing, finance, industrial design, engineering, sales, logistics, and manufacturing to better understand how each department supports a product of Generac. Through one-on-one conversations, business leaders and educators discussed the soft and technical skills needed for a successful career at Generac. Educators left the half-day program with insight and knowledge into the future career pathways available to their students, as well as tangible ways to engage with Generac. If your business has interest in hosting Careers Uncovered, contact Alliance Programs & Marketing Associate Lexi Podjasek at

Here’s what our educators had to say about the opportunity!

“I really enjoyed hearing from Generac’s team on how they work together on a project such as the 26 kw Generac generator. I appreciated the willingness to share what students should look at taking in high school and how a future career might take different paths to achieve. The day validated the courses I teach and the value they provide to our students.“ – Arrowhead High School

“The guest speakers were passionate about their work and giving of their time. The education backgrounds, as well as the career paths that were shared, are an important education component. Students, and people new to the workforce need to hear these stories.“ – St. John’s Northwestern Academies

“This session was AWESOME.  Professionals did an amazing job of describing their role, career path, knowledge, skills and technical tools that could be integrated into the high school learning experience.  It is inspiring to have the WCBA coordinate a day so we can make the most efficient use of Generac’s resources.” – Elmbrook School District

“I appreciated the time that each person took not only to talk about Generac but about the skills our students needed to work on today in order to ready themselves for the workforce.  While each area was unique in its own right, they all shared similar core skills that need to continue to be emphasized in our classrooms.  I also like the one on one opportunity to speak with presenters in specific areas.  This gave us an opportunity to ask some very pointed questions about preparing our students for their specific career fields.” – School District of New Berlin

“Careers uncovered provided great information on the critical skills, technology and tools, and mindset needed to be successful at Generac. Generac also provided information on the key learning at the high school level. Generac allowed educators to learn about the different areas within the business and how important communication is within different areas of those business teams.” – School District of Waukesha

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