Congratulations Jeremy Josetti of AQ Matic Valve & Controls


Congratulations to Jeremy Josetti, general manager & co-owner of AQ Matic Valve & Controls, on being named one of our 2019 Emerging Leaders of Waukesha County!

These awards celebrate young professionals who live or work in Waukesha County and who have shown personal initiative, determination and commitment to their careers and their community. The eight winners will receive their awards during YPWeek at the Emerging Leaders of Waukesha County awards luncheon on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at Embassy Suites in Brookfield. Register for the program here.

Jeremy Josetti helped start AQ Matic Valve & Controls in 2016.  In his current role, Jeremy has developed a team of 30+ employees who passionately serve worldwide markets for water treatment and air movement applications. He maintains broad knowledge of the water treatment industry with experience in valve, membrane and ion-exchange system design through experience with companies like Osmonics, GE and Pentair. Jeremy thrives in team culture development roles, leading by example and always working hands-on with employees. Jeremy embodies the idea of a servant leader—he is willing to pitch in wherever and whenever needed and always ensures that his team receives credit for a job well done. Jeremy holds a master’s degree in engineering management from Marquette University and a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Dayton.

Get to know Jeremy:

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Favorite part of your job: I am energized when I find solutions to challenging issues. These issues change daily which is what makes it so exciting. I am an engineer at heart and by training; I like to fix things!

If you could tell someone why it’s important to be involved in the community in one sentence, what would you say? When you get involved in the community, you always get back and learn far more than you put in!

Favorite thing about living/working in Waukesha County/southeast Wisconsin: I love my home! It’s a great place to raise a family and have access to lots of fun activities (Brewers, summer festivals) but small enough to not have terrible traffic.

Favorite movie or book: Shawshank Redemption

Favorite food: Crawfish Boil — I experienced a boil when I went to an LSU game more than a decade ago, and now we make it a family tradition to do a boil at least once a year. I prefer my boil spicy and, in addition to crawfish, it includes sausage, potatoes, corn, mushrooms, onions and brussel sprouts. Put away the plates and grab an open spot at the picnic table!

Something unique about you: I live in Wisconsin but don’t eat dairy.

One thing you couldn’t live without: I couldn’t live without my wife Tracy and my children Luke and Addie. Tracy and I met in high school, and we’ve been creating an incredible life together ever since!

What was your first job? Landscaping – I enjoyed the hard, dirty work over planting flowers.

If you could do another job for just one day: I would be a National Parks Ranger. My lifelong dream when I retire is to travel the US to take in the beauty of the National Parks.

Three best words to describe you: Positive, Grateful, Compassionate

In your opinion, what makes a great leader? A great leader must be passionate, communicate well and prioritize empowering the people around them. A great leader must have a vision, articulate that vision and inspire their co-workers to use their talents to best pursue that vision.

What drives you to succeed? As a business owner, being successful to me means providing a solid income and positive work environment for our employees. Knowing that this business supports the livelihood of our team’s families guides my outlook and actions every day.

What is the most pressing issue facing our area and why? Workforce development remains a pressing issue. With unemployment at historic lows, it is difficult for manufacturers to attract, develop and retain talent. These concerns look to be growing with an aging workforce and a cultural push toward college for everyone. At AQ Matic, we have teamed with GPS Education Partners to help prepare high school students for successful technical careers. As a community, we must continue to show our youth that today’s manufacturing jobs can be fun, rewarding and profitable. Then as manufacturers, we must live up to those standards in our culture development.

What is your favorite saying or word? “We’re doing it!”

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