Congratulations Dr. Amy Romashko of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin


Congratulations to Dr. Amy Romashko, MD, medical director of Children’s Urgent Care at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, on being named one of our 2019 Emerging Leaders of Waukesha County!

These awards celebrate young professionals who live or work in Waukesha County and who have shown personal initiative, determination and commitment to their careers and their community. The eight winners will receive their awards during YPWeek at the Emerging Leaders of Waukesha County awards luncheon on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at Embassy Suites in Brookfield. Register for the program here.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin sees more than 43,000 children every year in urgent care. Those children are provided the best possible pediatric-specific acute care thanks to leader, Dr. Amy Romashko. Amy oversees seven urgent care sites and 120 team members, and she spearheads best practices that have led to national recognition. She is also a trained facilitator for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Language of Caring Program, which helps to foster patient centered care and communication across the system. She has built a culture around being a team player and is a calm, thoughtful leader despite a stressful environment. Beyond what she does daily for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Amy is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP) and helps set standards for pediatric care delivery across the country as a board member for the Society for Pediatric Urgent Care (SPUC).

Get to know Amy:

Hometown: Delafield, WI

Favorite part of your job: Working with and for kids and families, supporting my amazing team of Urgent Care staff and providers and the work they do.

If you could tell someone why it’s important to be involved in the community in one sentence, what would you say? Communities can provide amazing support to the individuals who reside in them. A strong community offers a feeling of investment and connection to its members, which in turn are motivated to contribute their own improvement efforts in a reinforcing cycle. (Sorry, two sentences!)

Favorite thing about living/working in Waukesha County/southeast Wisconsin: Spring, summer and fall weather, being outdoors to garden and hike, the down-to-earth, friendly people.

Favorite movie or book: Shawshank Redemption

Favorite food: Scallops, mangoes

Something unique about you:  I am both a natural and an intentional optimist. Focusing on the best in people, seeing opportunities rather than problems, and practicing gratitude energizes my life and work.

One thing you couldn’t live without: My family.

What was your first job? Health Club Receptionist

If you could do another job for just one day: I love my job as a leader, but I don’t spend as much time seeing patients as I used to. When I do get to work in the clinics and help kids and families personally as a pediatrician I really enjoy it.

Three best words to describe you: Persistent, energetic, hopeful

In your opinion, what makes a great leader? Focusing on supporting the success and job satisfaction of those who work for you. Promoting a culture of personal accountability, leading by example.

What drives you to succeed? My hope for a better future. I want to have a net positive effect on this world while I am lucky enough to be here.

What is the most pressing issue facing our area and why? Political divisiveness and people not listening to one another. We have to be able to understand and support one another to be able to solve problems and build stronger communities.

What is your favorite saying or word? People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

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