Alliance supports worker safety and energy security bill signed by Governor Evers


The Alliance has worked with a broad coalition to support Assembly Bill 426 (Worker Safety and Energy Security Act), which passed the Senate and the Assembly and was signed by Governor Evers on November 20, 2019.  

In recent years, critical infrastructure worksites in the Midwest have seen millions of dollars of construction equipment set on fire, hydraulic fluid leaked onto the ground due to vandalism, intimidation of labor on worksites, and individuals using force to break into facilities and unsafely turn off this critical infrastructure. To address these serious and growing concerns, the Worker Safety and Energy Security Act adds petroleum, renewable fuel, chemical and water infrastructure to the existing criminal statute protecting our critical infrastructure from trespassing and damage, giving these types of critical infrastructure the same protections as electric and natural gas infrastructure.

Click here to view letter of support was shared with Governor Evers in support of AB 426, as well as the press release shared by Governor Evers.

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