Alliance endorses WMC’s COVID-19 relief agenda focused on economy stability, employee protections


The Alliance has officially endorsed Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce’s new COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Agenda, focused on providing economic assistance to statewide businesses to ease some of the burdens caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Alliance will be actively advocating on behalf of these policy solutions with state legislators. If you have suggestions for additional state policy changes that could positively impact businesses during this challenging time, please contact Amanda Payne.

WMC’s comprehensive agenda would:

  • Provide liquidity for businesses through tax credits and payment deferments
  • Enact liability protections to allow businesses to safeguard employees and other essential visitors at their facilities
  • Temporarily pause Dept. of Revenue audits that are incredibly disruptive to business operations
  • Prohibit unemployment benefit withdrawals from counting against an employer’s experience rating
  • Prioritize COVID-19 testing for employees working in essential industries like health care, manufacturing and energy
  • Provide families with financial assistance through tax credits and unemployment insurance waivers
  • Provide families with increased flexibility for tax payments
  • Provide flexibility for employees by temporarily waiving continuing education requirements

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