Workforce Development

Workforce development is the number one issue facing Waukesha County, the Milwaukee 7 region and our state. An Alliance survey found that more than 85 percent of Waukesha County employers plan to expand their workforce in the next three years, yet 82 percent are unable to find enough qualified workers. The Alliance is committed to developing, identifying and supporting policy solutions that strengthen our region’s talent pipeline.

Areas of support

  1. Support programs that assist targeted populations in entering or re-entering the workforce.
  2. Support state and regional efforts to implement a talent attraction program.
  3. Expand availability of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development training grants.
  4. Continue to evaluate cost-effective, efficient, flexible transportation options that connect people looking for work with jobs available in Waukesha County.
  5. Continue to advocate for the state’s apprenticeship program.
  6. Collaborate with other partners to find solutions to the shortage of affordable housing in Waukesha County for workers and young families.
  7. Identify and promote innovative employee retention solutions such as the Employee Resource Network (ERN) model.
  8. Educate members on the regulatory and legislative policy changes that impact delivery and cost of health care.

Talking points

  • Waukesha County’s 2.4% unemployment rate has created a dire workforce shortage for area employers.
  • More than 85% of Waukesha County employers plan to expand their workforce in the next three years, yet 82% are unable to find enough qualified workers today.
  • Supporting workforce development programs for targeted populations, such as veterans, individuals with disabilities and those with a criminal background, can widen the pool of available candidates.
  • The state’s workforce is aging rapidly – 605,947 Wisconsin workers were 55 and older in 2015. Over the next 25 years, the state’s population of residents over 65 is projected to increase 82% while residents ages 18-64 projected to decrease .05% and ages 0-17 projected to increase only .05%.
  • Labor force participation and prime working age population participation in Wisconsin are among highest in nation.
  • Wisconsin’s demographics, as well as the addition of new jobs in the coming years, necessitate an effective statewide talent attraction program.

School is out for summer

Waukesha County schools wrapped up the school this month. Click to read about the Alliance’s work over the 2018-19 school year to develop our future workforce by connecting businesses and educational institutions.

Supporting legislation to strengthen education

The Alliance is supporting SB165, which would improve the transfer of credits among post-secondary institutions.  In short, the bill would expand the current universal credit transfer agreement between the UW system and the Wisconsin Technical College System. Currently the UW system is required to have a set of 30 general education credits that transfer seamlessly […]

Addressing the workforce issue

As part of a comprehensive strategy to address the workforce issue, the Waukesha County Business Alliance is working to connect businesses and educational institutions. It’s important for us to work together to make sure students are both college- AND career-ready after high school graduation. Click here to watch the video. This video was originally shown […]

Connecting Counselors

Our first Connecting Counselors program was on Wednesday, April 10. Connecting Counselors is a complimentary networking program for educators in southeast Wisconsin. Middle and high school counselors have the opportunity to learn about one new post-secondary program/degree available to students that supports the in-demand industries of manufacturing, construction, health care and information technology. The “speed […]

Mini Business World

More than 100 students from Waukesha County school districts participated in Mini Business World at Carroll University this morning.

Learning about careers in health care

Nearly 600 middle and high school students in Waukesha County joined us at Carroll University for the Many Futures in Health Care Career Pathways Expo.