Businesses in Waukesha County need a pipeline of skilled talent, and the Alliance works to build that by preparing students to be successful in the job opportunities that exist in the marketplace. The economic vitality of our region depends on it. We will support Waukesha County students in being both college and career ready by ensuring that students are informed consumers of education through awareness of all available post-secondary options.

  1. Accelerate workforce development by increasing access to higher education credits and credentials for students enrolled in high school.
  2. Support expansion of youth apprenticeship and internship opportunities.
  3. Advocate for increasing program offerings in STEM and other in-demand industries, including manufacturing, construction/skilled trades, health care and information technology.
  4. Improve articulation agreements among education institutions.
  5. Support collaboration among Waukesha County K-12 institutions to maximize course offerings and replicate best practices.
  6. Support schools in the effective implementation of Academic and Career Plans (ACPs).

We encourage our members to get involved and support our efforts to ensure a strong, pro-business climate in Waukesha County and its surroundings. If you are interested in joining a policy committee, please contact us.

Redefining “hands-on learning”

By: Tim O’Brien, CEO of Tim O’Brien Homes. Oconomowoc High School’s Building Trades III course and New Berlin area high schools’ Construction III course bring new meaning to the term hands-on learning.

Developing future-ready students in the Pewaukee School District

By: Mike Cady, PhD, superintendent of the Pewaukee School District. Over the past year the Pewaukee School District (PSD) has been able to successfully implement Academic Career Planning (ACP) practices with our students at the middle and high school levels.

Inspiring Waukesha County Students

By: Susan Koehn, Director, Talent Initiatives, Milwaukee7. As southeast Wisconsin continues to grow, talent is needed to drive economic growth. Today, workers are in short supply to replace retiring baby boomers and fill new jobs created, even using modest economic forecasts. Employers at the forefront of competition for scarce talent are asking for help getting in front of young people and their influencers earlier, while career decisions are being made.

Waukesha County school districts awarded DWD Fast Forward Grants

At least four of our Waukesha County districts were awarded Department of Workforce Development Fast Forward grants to expand their manufacturing programs, through the Advanced Manufacturing Technical Education Equipment Grant. 35 school districts across the state competed for $1 million worth of funding. $50,000 is the most a single district was eligible to receive. Congratulations […]

Academic & Career Planning

The goal of Academic & Career Planning (ACP) is to prepare students and their families to make more informed choices about college and career pathways after high school, beginning in sixth grade. Partnerships between businesses and educational institutions are a great way to create valuable experiences for students.

Partnering with Waukesha County schools

We know that every day, our schools are doing more and more to partner with business. We too, are expanding our efforts in the area of K-12 relationships, business and education partnerships, workforce development and supporting districts in their academic and career planning work. In recent years, this work has increased dramatically. We’re excited that for the 2018-19 school year, 12 school districts in Waukesha County have committed to work with the Alliance to take these efforts to the next level.

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