2018 Workforce Development Strategy


The number one concern we hear from the business community is workforce. In a survey we conducted in 2017, 67% of businesses in Waukesha County report finding a skilled workforce to be the primary challenge they face when starting or growing their business. It’s time for us to address that.

With increased resources available in our area, we now have the capacity to tackle this problem. We’ve created action teams and employer collaboratives to ensure our businesses have a voice in the process and we’re coming up with solutions.

We believe there are three tenets that make up a comprehensive workforce development strategy: developing our future workforce through partnerships with educational institutions, attracting new talent to our area and retaining and skilling up our existing workforce.

With our population aging and retiring out of the workforce, this is a problem that isn’t going away anytime soon. But we’re working hard to show our region and the state as a whole that Waukesha County is a leader in fostering a community where businesses and citizens thrive.

See the strategy here.

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