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As a private, member-driven organization, the Waukesha County Business Alliance has been the voice of business since 1918. We have a broad and diverse membership representing everything from sole proprietorships to some of the largest employers in the region from a variety of industries. We work to strengthen the economy in the county through four pillars: advocate, develop, network and promote.

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Our Vision

To make Waukesha County the best place to do business.

Our Mission

To drive economic growth in Waukesha County.

The Alliance Pillars



on behalf of the business community.



your organization and your employees.



and build strong business relationships.



your business.

Calendar of Events

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27 Feb

One-on-One With Public Officials

Join Commissioner Nowak for a discussion and Q&A session on current issues at the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC).

5 Mar

Workforce Transportation & Housing

A group of industry leaders will provide insight into the unique solutions they have implemented to solve these challenges.

7 Mar

Savor the Flavor of Waukesha County

The Savor the Flavor food tasting event showcases select Waukesha County restaurants’ finest dishes and gives you an opportunity to connect with other Alliance members at a beautiful venue.

17 Mar

Alliance 101

Alliance 101 will walk you through the four pillars and give you a chance to start networking by introducing your company to other attendees.

Member Spotlight

Did you know that Waukesha Metro can help you reach over 90,000 people that live and work in Waukesha Metro Area? Waukesha city buses travel throughout not just Waukesha, but throughout the city of Pewaukee and in the Town and City of Brookfield along the busy Bluemound Corridor to Brookfield Square. Houck Transit partners with Waukesha Metro to sell the city bus advertising. When you buy city bus advertising it doesn’t just help market your business it brings back money to Waukesha Metro to keep the buses running! The buses act as moving billboards and reach all ages, backgrounds and incomes. Whether you are looking for ways to market your business or are recruiting new employees, give city bus advertising a try!

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