Advanced Leadership

Advanced Leadership is a course designed for Leadership Waukesha County alumni or a seasoned manager/leader.

You’re already a leader in your organization and in your community. But the journey is one that never ends. In the same way you need a regular physical regimen to stay in shape, your leadership strengths need regular honing, development and growth.
Develop your personal and interpersonal skills to a higher level, plan your personal and professional life and balance it with your personal purpose.

Participants gain:

  • Personal and professional development
  • A personal life plan for yourself mentally, physically, socially, financial/career, family and ethics/beliefs and a professional life plan for yourself in terms of productivity, time management, leadership and influence skills
  • Goal setting and accomplishment skills
  • Interpersonal and self-management skills
  • Attitudinal development
  • 11 sessions of sharing with your peers
  • Experienced professional facilitation
  • Tailor-made text and personal planning materials
  • Personal behavioral, motivators and skills assessments highlighting your strengths and growth opportunities
  • Additional reference books
  • Professional coaching between sessions