Health Care Speakers Bureau

Important Update (3/26/20)

Due to the increased demand our health care workforce is facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alliance is temporarily not accepting requests for our Health Care Speakers Bureau. We look forward to providing this opportunity to our members again in the near future and greatly appreciate your support through this process.



If you’re an educator who is interested in having a health care professional speak to your students, please fill out the below form. Select all topics that are of interest.

All requests will be considered but at least one month prior notice is suggested.

The Future of Health Care – Speaker will give an overview of what jobs exist, discuss the current demand/shortage, outline entry-level opportunities and provide information on how to get started now, as a student.

Discover Nursing – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take care of the needs of someone who is sick or recovering from a surgery or other medical condition? Hear nurses discuss the work they do in a variety of roles including certified nursing assistant (CNA), medical assistant and more.

A Day in the Life of a Doctor – Are you curious about what it takes to be a doctor? How hard is it to get into medical school? How long does it take? What is it like to be a practicing doctor in today’s world of health care reform? Listen to ProHealth Care physicians as they discuss the training and practice of today’s doctors.

Move Toward a Career in Physical Therapy – Have you thought about a career in physical therapy? Hear from experts in the field who will share what their typical day is like, the many different settings in which a physical therapist can work, the future job outlook for physical therapy and more!

Careers in Complementary and Alternative Medicine – Have you considered a career in health care, but are unsure if the traditional roles of medical doctor or nurse are for you?  Do you have a desire to help others in a natural way with a focus on preventative and wellness care? Consider careers such as chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritional counseling and others!

Destination Imaging – Have you ever wondered how our imaging technologists create the impressive images of the human body? Book this session to learn about careers in the field of medical imaging including the roles of diagnostic x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT, bone densitometry/mammography and interventional radiology.

Experience the Lab – Join for a discussion about careers in lab and pathology. How are diagnoses made? Learn about living cells, bacteria growth, how blood is prepared for a transfusion and learn about medical and scientific research.

My Journey in Health Care – Enjoy a personal story of someone’s professional journey. Hear a health care professional talk about their career history including when they decided to join this profession, what they did or should have done, roles they’ve held and things they have learned along the way.

Other – Is your classroom looking for a speaker topic that isn’t covered in the above categories? Please fully outline what health care career pathway you’d like to learn more about.