Government Efficiency

To ensure adequate resources are available to meet our most critical public needs, the Alliance supports policies that promote and increase government efficiencies and collaboration at all levels. We strive to serve as a resource that connects the public and private sectors in order to facilitate best practice sharing and problem solving.

2021 Policy Priorities:

  1. Advance efforts to promote government efficiencies between various agencies at the state, county and municipal levels.
  2. Support the continued advancement of municipal service consolidation among Waukesha County communities.
  3. Advocate to remove state and federal barriers that prevent schools from being flexible and responsive in meeting the changing needs of area employers.
  4. Advocate for greater government transparency.

Talking Points:

  • In an era of advancing technology and tightened budgets, strategic consolidation efforts among local municipalities need to advance.
  • Municipalities around the region provide better customer service and significant taxpayer savings through consolidation efforts.
  • The County Executive’s 2018 Fire & Emergency Medical Service (EMS) feasibility study found that regional collaboration could enhance fire prevention, improve emergency services, cut costs and reduce volunteer firefighter turnover.
  • The City of New Berlin consolidated its dispatch center with Waukesha County, a move that will save New Berlin an estimated $9 million over a decade.
  • The Wisconsin Policy Forum (previously the Public Policy Forum) reported that consolidation of the North Shore Fire Department collectively saved municipalities $3.4 million in capital outlays for equipment, and that taxpayers would have paid an additional $2.8 million annually for the same level of service, had consolidation not occurred.