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    Entering its fifth year, the Waukesha STEM Academy (WSA) is a K-8 charter school that inspires over 800 students to become active participants in learning.  The school is designed around a S.T.E.M. curriculum brought to life with instructional strategies that engage minds!  As a STEM school we have a curriculum focused on SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, and MATH...or what we call the “WHAT” of STEM education.  Equally important is our focus on the “HOW” of STEM, which we define as Strategies That Engage Minds!  Together the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ come together to create a dynamic 21st century learning environment.


    Our Mission:

    ENGAGE, INSPIRE, and EMPOWER a community of learners in THINKING, COLLABORATING, INNOVATING, and CREATING...for the future!


    Our Vision:

    Prepare the most innovative leaders to collaboratively create the future.


    WaukeshaSTEM_Students3    WaukeshaSTEM_Class


    When students enter the Waukesha STEM Academy, they are entering a world of exploration, inquiry-based learning and the hands-on creation of new ideas.  The days of a teacher being “the sage on the stage” are long gone and are just not effective in preparing our young learners for the jobs of tomorrow.  The staff at the Waukesha STEM Academy serves as guides for student learning and truly helps facilitate very exciting and engaging activities, both in and out of the classroom.  Our students are constantly being challenged to solve the problems of the world and collaboratively create solutions.  As young learners understand that what they are doing in school is much more than “school work” and is actually tied to real-world situations, they begin to work collaboratively to develop the Essential Skills required to be job-ready and an effective leader in our ever-changing planet.  By having the opportunity for an anytime-anywhere model of learning, such as computer-based modules and project-based learning that is personalized for each student, they are able to clearly articulate which learning styles and modalities are most effective for them and why.  Every student is given the opportunity to become engaged in large group settings, as well as individual self-paced environments, in order to demonstrate true mastery of the learning targets we are focused on.


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    This year the Waukesha STEM Academy is the recipient of a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Charter School Dissemination Grant.  This is a direct result of the innovative work being done by our staff to adapt our teaching and learning strategies to engage our learners in a personalized STEM approach.  This successful grant application will further allow our staff to share with other educators the work we are doing.  Over the past three years we have already hosted hundreds of educators, some from international locations, at our sites to learn the steps we are taking to change our instructional models.

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