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    W.I.S. Logistics is a Minority-owned transportation broker and third-party freight management company offering service between all points in North America.  Our unparalleled commitment to customer service, technology, purchased services and seasoned professionals are all geared toward offering our clients a unique customer-centric experience.



    Transportation services we provide include full truckload, less-than-truckload, flatbed and specialized equipment, and intermodal transportation.  Our Truckload and Intermodal brokers can identify specific equipment needs, from permits and jumbo loads to E-track logistics or food-grade trailers.  In our LTL department, we offer a complete range of services:  classification, tariff negotiation, on-line solutions for rating and dispatch, reporting and shipment analytics.  We offer packaging recommendations, claim consulting, advocacy and prevention, inbound freight management, strategic site location analysis, and consolidation and pool distribution programs.



    The single best product we offer our clients is our people.  Each member of our staff works to become a vital asset to the client.  A vast array of skills and experience add to our ability to offer multiple solutions and enhance shipment optimization.  Each shipment is followed up on daily.  Clients receive personal phone calls with pertinent status updates.  This attention to detail has won over many critics and made them loyal clients.



    The value we bring is in our one-on-one partnership with the client.  We listen.  We strive to understand their needs.  We learn the characteristics of their product.  We recognize that their clients also have expectations.  Whenever possible, we offer them a number of solutions based on price and service.  We acknowledge that transportation is not always an 8-to-5 job, and are available 24/7. We hire only the highest quality vendors.  This has helped us build client loyalty as well as a significant amount of referral business.



    90% of our clients’ cargo is moved with an elite group of providers we refer to as our ‘core carrier group’.  All of our carriers undergo rigorous screening for insurance coverage, safety rankings, claims ratios, on-time performance and other metrics; however, our core group provides consistent pricing and commitment to loads when trucks are scarce.  In these days of under-insured and under-qualified carriers, rising fuel prices, driver shortages and ever-changing regulations, we have created a network of highly qualified carriers to provide top-quality services to our clients.



    W.I.S. Logistics is a two-time winner of MMAC’s Future 50 Award, and one of Waukesha County Business Alliance’s ‘Top 10 Businesses’ in 2013.


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