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    Guest post written by Theresa Clark, Director of Development and Communications for Volunteers of America of Wisconsin, and member of the Alliance Breakfast Club Committee.

    We’ve all heard the radio commercials – “I am Richard Kessler and I want to be your jeweler,” or “We do diamonds better, because diamonds are all we do.”  Recently, the Wauke

    sha County Business Alliance Breakfast Club had the opportunity to meet Richard Kessler in person as he shared his “success story,” and his struggles in building his personal brand.

    Richard shared that his business really turned around after spending a weekend with motivational speaker Tony Robbins. His takeaway from that weekend was to find one way to serve customers better than anyone else. He began making a list of everything he didn’t like about the jewelry business, and set out to become the most respected name in diamonds. He got rid of suits and ties, changed the music in the stores, designed stores with lower cases and chairs for customers, and started a four-week training program for employees to help reduce turnover. To further differentiate Kessler’s Diamonds from the competition, Richard implemented a simple warranty policy – “If you bought it at Kessler’s, it’s guaranteed.”  The changes worked.  Today Kessler’s Diamonds is the largest seller of diamonds and engagement rings in the state. And, last year the business became employee-owned as Richard Kessler formed an ESOP to gradually transfer ownership to the employees.

    Our takeaways are the lessons learned by Richard Kessler – find out how to serve customers better than anyone else, differentiate yourself from the competition, and market your brand 52 weeks a year.

    Join the Alliance Breakfast Club May 2 to hear “Building Customer Loyalty Inside & Out,” presented by Debra Schmidt. More information available here

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    Guest Post written by Michael Arnold, President of Palmetto Partners, LLC and member of the Alliance Breakfast Club Committee


    'I'm Richard Kessler and I'd like to be...your jeweler.'

    Sound familiar? It should, because it is the tag line heard on numerous radio commercials over the past few years in Wisconsin by Kessler Diamonds. This campaign has helped propel the growth of Mr. Kessler's business, not only because of the frequency of his ads, but more importantly because of the message he has created. 

    Most jewelers carry almost anything that sparkles, but his business decided to do something different and specialize exclusively in diamonds. This is why his branding message is unique and it seperates Kessler Diamonds from the competition. He also adds his own personality that conveys a sense he really wants to be MY jeweler. I don't hear anyone else saying this.

    How can you craft your brand image to become the one and only choice for your prospects? Well, here is a great opportunity to learn from Richard Kessler himself on what has worked for his business. Attend the April 4th Waukesha County Business Alliance Breakfast Club meeting and see what how your company can benefit from creating its own identity. 

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    Guest Post written by Michael Arnold, President of Palmetto Partners, LLC and member of the Alliance Breakfast Club Committee

    I am not somebody who likes surprises. Whether they be parties, tax bills or last-second losses by the Packers. Unfortunately, this sometimes keeps me from being in the present moment and appreciating unpredictability for its, well, surprises. The appearance by Christine Hill at February's Alliance Breakfast Club was an event that I did not expect to appreciate as much as I did.

    With her topic being 'Leadership by Choice,' I sleepily arrived and awaited a presentation where I would be talked at for 45 minutes about a topic that originally did not excite me. These pre-conceived notions were quickly dashed as Ms. Hill walked among the 86 attendees talking about how we can better recognize others' personality traits and use ours to work better in conjunction with them. Okay, I could learn something here.