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    The Lubar School of Business prepares students from Wisconsin and beyond to be effective business leaders who possess strong business acumen, creative and intellectual insight, global understanding, and professional integrity. As a metropolitan business school, the Lubar School of Business is known for superior scholarly research and academic programs. Our mission is to:


    • Create and disseminate new business knowledge. Exceptional faculty research, coupled with a strong doctoral program, results in new knowledge creation that is shared within and across academic fields, with industry, and with students.


    • Prepare a diverse student body from Wisconsin and beyond to be effective business leaders. Our students possess comprehensive foundational and specialized business knowledge; sound analytical, critical thinking and communication skills; and a professional value system that includes ethical behavior, social responsibility, and a strong work ethic.


    • Deliver high quality academic programs. Our degree programs emphasize a thorough understanding of the global business environment and sustainable management principles, utilizing innovative and appropriate teaching methodologies and technologies.


    • Leverage our major metropolitan location to fully engage the business community and stimulate regional economic vitality. Our collaboration with corporations advances business research and provides solutions to real-world business challenges. Internships, corporate guest speakers, and mentoring programs expand the dimensions of student learning. Executive education partnerships strengthen management effectiveness within the region.


    • Develop avenues for interdisciplinary collaboration. Partner with colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and at other leading institutions to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to education and research.


    • Serve as a continuing resource for alumni. We are committed to helping our graduates continue their development as business leaders, connect professionally with others, and be involved in their alma mater.


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