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    About U.S. Cellular

    United States Cellular Corporation is an award winning provider of wireless telecommunications services focused on providing the best network and customer experience. Our wireless services include the latest hi-tech devices for both postpaid and prepaid plans with voice, messaging, international services, and high speed data. We also offers home security and automation systems that allow customers to receive professional home monitoring services, as well as protection against fire and other emergencies, and energy and video monitoring. In addition, it provides machine to machine, wireless priority, and mobile device management services in the areas of asset/fleet management, monitor and control, mobile automation, and business communication to business and government customers. U.S. Cellular serves approximately 4.8 million customers, including retail, government, and all sizes of business customers in various industries, such as construction, retail, professional services, and real estate. United States Cellular Corporation offers its products and services through retail sales, direct sales, third-party national retailers, and independent agents, as well as and telesales.


    Expanding our Horizons


    U.S. Cellular is investing and expanding into other hi-tech areas such as home

    management and machine-to-machine technology. The company launched OnLook Digital systems earlier this year and is working on a Business version now. OnLook Digital System is an affordable suite of products and services that are pre-kitted and pre-programed enabling DIY-ers to peel and stick and avoid installation costs. OnLook makes it easy to check in on your home via camera, adjust lights, control appliances,  garage doors, and even save money with a smart thermostat— all with a few taps on your smartphone, tablet or computer.






    Supporting business owners has always been important to U.S. Cellular.  Our Better Business Package is focused on providing business owners with the latest hi-tech phones, tablets, and accessories, as well as promotional offers and discounts to ensure that growing their business doesn’t shrink their bank account.


    We are sponsoring a second episode of the popular ABC television show Shark Tank, which will look to promote inventive business owners looking to grab investors to help expand their business and ideas to a global scale. U.S. Cellular will be bringing auditions for our savvy business owners into our local markets giving a chance to turn their business into an overnight international success.




    Machine to Machine Launch

    U.S. Cellular joined the Machine-to-Machine game this year by launching a multitude of solutions that automates many day to day processes, increases profit and efficiency. Our goal is to bring this technology to all businesses no matter the size. Every business owner wants to cut cost and maximize profit; U.S. Cellular is designing, delivering, and implementing these solutions to our business customers to help them reach these goals.


    Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions simplify operations by using data connections to automate operations. Whether it is ridding of paper work to use digital smart forms with a tablet, connecting power meters, tracking vehicles, powering smart vending machines, or automating farm equipment; machine to machine has thousands of applications guaranteed to empower any business.


    Enhance your business.

    There has never been a better time to explore the possibilities of M2M technology and its potential for providing a competitive advantage in your industry, so you can:

    • Increase efficiency
    • Increase profitability
    • Improve customer satisfaction and relationships
    • Respond faster to business needs by always knowing the status of operations
    • Automate your business operations and reduce operating costs




    Giving Back to Our Community

    At U.S. Cellular, we strive to build a connection with our communities by supporting causes that strengthen neighborhoods where we live, work and play. Specifically, we are committed to enhancing the learning experience for children and communities by championing K-12 and STEM educational programs. Our giving efforts include financial donations, in-kind donations, volunteerism and our Associate Matching Program. In addition, U.S. Cellular is proud to sponsor and support a variety of events throughout Wisconsin including:

    • Milwaukee Brewers      
    • Summerfest
    • Wisconsin State Fair
    • Milwaukee County Zoo
    • Waukesha County Fair

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