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  • Marketing Communications and Strategy to Help You See Clearly

    For more than 20 years, Trefoil Group (formerly Scheibel Halaska) has been helping companies bring their vision to life.


    Seeing clearly through today’s business challenges requires a team with wide-ranging talents, experience and commitment to bring complex issues into sharp focus. From the big picture to the smallest detail, Trefoil Group ties together strategic insights and marketing communications expertise to help businesses like yours make smart moves that directly support unique goals.


    In every interaction with us, you’ll see that we mean business – your business. And every day, you’ll see that commitment come to life as we help you see clearly, advancing your vision with decisive actions and crucial results.

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    • See Clearly
      It’s complicated out there for today’s business leaders. We provide value every day by helping clients see clearly, translating complex challenges into decisive actions and crucial results.
    • Genuine Commitment
      Clients who work with us find every member of our team to be honest, approachable and determined to make a positive impact.
    • Powerful Insight
      Blending business acumen with marketing communications expertise, we provide uniquely valuable perspectives that help you achieve your goals.
    • Proven Experience
      From decades of work with clients in an array of industries, we bring a deep appreciation of big-picture goals and an ability to quickly understand specific needs.
    • Strength of Our Team
      Over 20 years, we’ve built the kind of multitalented, dedicated team it takes to distill today’s complex business challenges into decisive marketing communications actions.
    • Strong Partnership 
      Collaborative, proactive and full service, we serve as an essential partner and often as the de facto marketing department for our clients.
    • Focus on Results
      You’ll often hear us say, “For the sake of what?” We love ideas, but we’re only interested in ideas that will advance your key objectives.
    • What’s in Our Name
      The new name is a reference to the trefoil knot, which derives its strength from its simplicity. In an increasingly complex business climate, Trefoil Group is building a team that distills complexity into decisive actions for its clients, which include industry-leading midmarket companies.

  • Trefoil Group’s Industry and Community Leadership

    The entire Trefoil Group is committed not only to getting involved in industry and community organizations, but to taking leadership roles. We believe that if it’s worth getting involved, then it’s worth making as big an impact as possible.


    Here several examples:

    Mary Scheibel, Principal Owner

    John Scheibel, CEO

    Andy Narrai, President

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