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    The Anderson Group is comprised of Anderson Seal, Inc.’s Distribution and Packaging Centers.  They offer customers a competitive advantage by providing sealing, inventory management, and packaging expertise combined with a global supply chain with advanced quality control.  Their team is dedicated to consistent, innovative, and dependable customer attention.


    The Anderson Group has been a trusted seal distributor and value-added service partner since 1990.  They were founded on the basic idea of providing the highest level of service and product to their customers in the most cost effective and timely fashion. We continue to stretch our portfolio of value-added services as our customers’ needs call for. Today they provide a wide range of value-added services in both their OE Distribution Center and their Packaging Center. 


    AndersonGroup Distribution


    OE Distribution Center

    Anderson Seal, Inc is a full service seal distributor specializing in design, inventory management, and value-added services. Anderson Seal draws customers from the hydraulic, motorcycle, medical, water treatment, diesel engine, and automotive markets. They are dedicated to providing customers with the expertise, assistance and quality they can depend on.


    • Value-Added Services - Anderson Seal, Inc. offers their customers value-added services that allow customers the best cost advantages, labor efficiencies, lower parts inventories and customization to unique sets of criteria.
      • Kit Assemblies
        • Purchasing many components to assemble into kits either for Tier 1 customer or for their service/aftermarket demand needs
      • Assembly
        • Install Seals onto mating components
        • Assemble non-sealing related assemblies for outsourcing
      • Color Coding for Material Identification
      • Teflon Coating for High Friction Applications
      • Silicon Lubricating for Ease of Assembly
      • Repair or Rework
      • Reverse Engineering with Micro-View Matrix Capabilities
      • Supplier Consolidation


    • Dedication and Teamwork
      • The Anderson Group has dedicated knowledgeable employees that are always willing to go the extra mile in order to provide customer satisfaction. They are personable and offer a wealth of experience and problem-solving abilities.
      • The Anderson Group cares about relationship building with not only their customers, but their suppliers as well as their internal employees. They go above and beyond to show their appreciation.


    Anderson Group Packaging


    Packaging Center

    On January 2, 2008, Anderson Seal, Inc. expanded its operations and purchased a designated building to solely focus on its packaging/assembly niche and dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations for their after-market needs.


    The Packaging Center provides a pull system for customers where they ship inventory based on actual needs vs. forecast. Their customers communicate their needs and can expect shipment of any of the more than 2500 part numbers no later than the following working day. They work with annual blanket orders that allow us to purchase all of the necessary kit components at the best value. They inspect all components, inventory a minimum safety stock, assemble the kits, and then ship per customers’ daily requirements. They continually exceed customer quality requirements year after year.


    • Packaging Center
      • Shrink Line
      • Auto Bag
      • Gasket Kitting
      • Chrome Inspection
      • Hand Packaging
      • Primary Gasket Packaging


    • Customer Benefits
      • Increase Fill Rates
      • Reduction of Back Orders
      • Reduction of Inventory
      • Increase of Inventory Turns (they see 50+ inventory turns/year)
      • Increased Capacity
      • Decreased Time on Planning, Ordering, Expediting
      • Incoming Inspection Elimination


    Did You Know?

    • Anderson Seal, Inc. was founded in 1990.
    • The Anderson Group has a wide range of industries it supports – hydraulic, motorcycle, medical, water treatment, diesel engine and automotive markets.
    • The Anderson Group is woman owned, and in its second family generation ownership.
    • The Anderson Group has also been ISO 9001 certified since 1998
    • The Anderson Group employs 65 regular employees and 20 temporary employees within three different locations in New Berlin.
    • At Halloween time the employees dress up and bring treats to their local customers.


    Anderson Group Staff Halloween    Anderson Group Staff Halloween 2

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