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    December 19


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  • Recent Issues of Interest to Southside Businesses

    • Crime issues/security
    • Local developers providing issues/updates at monthly meetings
    • Opportunities to host southside community events/contests
    • Meeting local government representatives

  • Member businesses gather on the third Friday of each month to discuss issues unique to their geographic area, share news about their businesses, and learn about the future of the south side of Waukesha. Every meeting features a guest speaker and active dialog, all while building a closer community. Southside Business Council meets at 7:30a.m. at Culver's Restaurant on Sunset Drive.

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    City of Waukesha Update and & Holiday Networking

    Hear from City of Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly and City Planner Jennifer Andrews to
    receive an update on what’s happening with the City of Waukesha and plans for 2015.


    Friday, December 19 , 2014 | 7:30-9:00a.m.
    Culver's, 840 W. Sunset Dr., Waukesha



    * Please note – be sure to join us in December to celebrate the Alliance’s last Southside Business Council program, as this program will be officially “retiring” at the end of 2014! We look forward to celebrating with holiday networking for all those that have attended this program throughout the years.

  • Testimonial

    'I've been a member of the Alliance for about one year representing my small business along with my daughter's business. With my daughter's business located on south side of Waukesha, I have regularly attended the monthly Southside Business Council meetings. I have found the speakers, both representing governmental units and other businesses have provided me many opportunities of learning what is happening around Waukesha and several speakers have provided great ideas on services they provide that can positively impact my and my daughter's business.'

    Michael Theisen
    Sales Management & Marketing Solutions

  • For more information, please contact Amanda Payne.