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  • Total Wellness

    At Salus, we believe that total wellness is comprised of many factors (exercise and nutrition are an important part of our programs) however we don't stop there.  We understand that financial preparedness, stress reduction, adequate sleep and preventative medical care greatly affect wellness and state of mind. Salus believes a successful wellness program begins with a comprehensive understanding of each of these factors.


    Research and Education

    Our Wellness and Personal Training Programs are built on proven methods and sound research and are education-based. Our Personal Wellness coaches are degreed and certified in kinesiology, exercise science, personal training, nutrition and financial management. We keep up with research from trusted medical and fitness experts to provide the most current information.


    Constant Feedback Focus

    Ongoing feedback and assessments are keys to success for both corporate and personal programs. One-on-one training,Salus Corporate Wellness detailed online training and coaching ensure you stay on track and overcome obstacles. Classes, seminars, weekly tips and monthly newsletters help provide your employees the practical information and education that supplements and encourages a healthier lifestyle.


    Results Oriented

    At Salus, your success is our reward. Our Wellness and Personal Training programs are goal oriented and designed to provide measureable results that are not simply activity based. Through our personalized testing and evaluation systems we are able to identify and set individualized goals for each of your employees and your corporation as a whole.

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