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    Our mission is to ensure safe and healthy children through education, support and resources—ultimately breaking destructive cycles that can last for generations. We are a passionate organization driven by our belief that EVERY child deserves a chance to live a life free from abuse, neglect and poverty.




    “We want to bring awareness to the work being done right here in our county,” said Nancy Major, President/CEO of Safe Babies Healthy Families. “The work of prevention significantly reduces abuse and neglect against children in our county, which happens every day throughout our region, state and nation. Secondly, we are ensuring a healthy foundation for at-risk babies and children so they are ready to achieve success at the kindergarten level and long-term. These children are our future graduates, our future workforce. They will either make or break the economic vitality of our community. Furthermore, investing in prevention costs pennies on the dollar compared to what it costs to deal with the impact after the fact.”



    Pictured left to right:
    Anntaya Woods, board director; Barb Butler, vice president of development; Cheryl Berdan, State of Wisconsin; Onnie Smith, board chair; Nancy Major, president/CEO; County Executive Dan Vrakas; Brett Engelking, board vice chair; Sua Wolter, board director; Amy Baumann, vice president of programs.

    Governor Walker and County Executive Vrakas have officially proclaimed April as Child Abuse Prevention month. The proclamations were recently presented by County Executive Dan Vrakas and Cheryl Berdan, Southeast Wisconsin Regional Director at State of Wisconsin to Safe Babies Healthy Families’ executive staff and board of directors


    “Our organization was originally established 30 years ago and our commitment to at-risk children and families has never been stronger,” said Major. “Prevention is a wise investment for any community. We applaud our county and state administration for their leadership and support.”

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