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  • Ruekert/Mielke, is a multidisciplinary civil and municipal engineering firm, that has evolved into a team of engineers, scientists, financial analysts, asset management and GIS specialists. Our experience has been built over the last 65 years by providing consulting services to communities. Combining multiple disciplines to reflect a broad vision, of what is required now and in the future, allows us to develop the best approach to each and every project. Every decision impacts current and future budgets, and achieving a balanced approach is not easy. Ruekert/Mielke excels at big picture planning, and helps communities to make informed, sustainable decisions.

    Communities are our sole focus and our goal has always been the same; go the extra mile for the client. Your success is our sole mission. Clients who have experienced this personalized treatment come back to use Ruekert/Mielke services again and again. Our staff is greatly invested in providing successful projects each and every time because we too live in the communities that we serve. We are highly respected for our work, our quality staff, and our commitment to excellence.

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  • Did You Know?

    Ruekert/Mielke and Municipal Economics & Planning, a division of Ruekert/Mielke, have extensive experience helping communities apply for and receive grants and low interest loans for their projects. Our firm has helped communities secure millions of dollars in grant funding for facilities and infrastructure items such as: parks and recreation land and facilities, smart growth planning, pre-disaster mitigation, firefighting equipment and personnel, storm water planning studies and infrastructure, sewer and water infrastructure, streetscaping beautification and transportation projects.

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