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  • Rentapen


    During the tough economic times of the last few years, some Waukesha companies have continued to grow.  Rentapen Inc. is one of those companies.  Rentapen has doubled its sales every year for the past three years and is planning to continue that rate of growth for the next three years.


    George Straley started the company as a Machine Design Services company in 1976.  In 2000 Rentapen was designing a lot of weld fixtures.  The engineering team was designing the same blocks, plates, clamp risers and shims over and over again. One day George got a call from a customer.  One of the blocks they had designed had an error on the drawing.  The customer said it would cost them $100 to replace the block.  A light went on as George realized  that Rentapen could probably make those components cheaper.   George and his team of engineers developed a line of standard yet versatile components used on weld fixtures. 

    These RAPid Tooling Components™ often times now make up 45% of the sales at Rentapen.  And that customer that called about the mistake in 2000 now requires that all their engineers and vendors use RAPid Tooling Components™ were possible in their weld fixture designs.  They have learned these components save time, money and reduce errors.


    One of Rentapen’s customers in Michigan was buying their cut metal parts from China.  The shipping was costly, and the order quantity had to be large to justify the shipping costs.  If there was a mistake in the order it was a huge hassle to get the order fixed. 

    In 2010, that company started buying their cut metal parts from Rentapen because they found they can save money and inventory woes with Rentapen’s Just-in-Time Laser Cutting Services ™.  Rentapen ships them lower quantities with a shorter lead time.  And with Rentapen’s Automated RAPid Order Processing System ™ they are much more likely to get orders that are accurate and on-time.

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