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We'll be your voice in Waukesha County and beyond. We'll keep you informed about important issues that impact your organization and the region's business climate. We'll advocate on your behalf to ensure a growing, vital business community.

Focused on key policy issues, we strive to:

  • Encourage economic development by promoting greater collaboration between the many public and private stakeholders in the county and region
  • Improve and modernize our public infrastructure, including roads and water supply, to encourage people and businesses to locate in southeastern Wisconsin
  • Ensure employers have access to a skilled talent pool of workers, today and in the future
  • Create a competitive tax and regulatory climate that retains, attracts and creates businesses and jobs

Our advocacy efforts are guided by a policy board and three policy committees - economic development, education and infrastructure. The policy brief below gives an overview of the Alliance's more detailed policy agenda, which can be downloaded from the recent documents section (left).

Waukesha County Business Alliance - 2015 Policy Brief 

Economic Development

  • Foster business development through greater collaboration of interested stakeholders.
  • Finalize metrics to assess Waukesha County’s economic development performance.
  • Advocate for tax and regulatory measures that promote business retention.
  • Advance efforts to streamline and simplify inconsistencies in taxes and regulations.
  • Identify policy tools that allow Wisconsin to remain competitive within the region.
  • Monitor Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) Committee recommendations and advocate for continued use of TIF along with enhancements to the current legislation.
  • Support the Alliance’s Infrastructure and Education agendas where Economic Development is impacted.


  • Advocated for Academic Career Plans (ACPs), the 30-credit transfer proposal between Wisconsin technical colleges and UW system campuses, guaranteed completion of a degree in four years, and continued collaboration between business and education through internships, apprenticeships and real-world experiences.
  • In concert with the Alliance’s Manufacturing Executive Council and Education Healthcare Subcommittee, continue to make presentations to Waukesha County school boards, parent/teacher organizations and service groups to inform them about the employment needs of Waukesha County businesses.
  • Support National Manufacturing Day tours with eighth graders on Oct. 2, 2015.
  • Support and advocate for employability skills to become part of the curriculum in every Waukesha County school district.
  • To address the shortage of qualified technical education teachers available today, advocate for a change in the state statues to allow retired or non-degreed technical education professionals to teach in high schools.


  • Support Waukesha’s application to obtain Lake Michigan water via the City of Oak Creek, returning the water to the lake through the Root River.
  • Evaluate potential funding options for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to ensure that the solutions proposed in the state budget process are appropriate and pro-business.
  • Stay informed of the options being considered for I-94 East-West corridor between 70th Street and 16th Street.
  • Support the inclusion of additional Waukesha County communities in the Combined Dispatch Center.
  • Continue researching the economic viability of the PACE program.
  • Support private sector utilization of targeted Waukesha County transit options as a result of the Zoo Interchange settlement.
  • Support the West Waukesha Bypass via the Pebble Creek West Alternative.
  • Support the Alliance’s Economic Development agenda as it relates to statewide TIF reforms.

Policy Board

Executive Committee


Bart Adams - Chair

Margaret Farrow - Past Chair
Community Leader & Former Lt. Governor

Tom Fotsch - Secretary

Brian Nemoir - Vice Chair
Full Impact Communications, LLC

Committee Members


Brian Carroll
Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S.C.

Marikris Coryell

Mike Farrell
Sentry Equipment Corporation

Susan Fronk
MRA, The Management Association, Inc. 

Michael Gryczka

Patrick Henderson

Jeff Hoffman
Cushman & Wakefield | The Boerke Company

Rick Kalscheuer
R&R Insurance Services, Inc.

Bill King
King Innovative

Tom Kissinger
The Marcus Corporation

William Mielke
Ruekert & Mielke, Inc.

Michael Mooney
MLG Development MLG Companies

Mike Payne
R&R Insurance Services, Inc.

Mike Pjevach
Wisconsin Coach Lines / Coach USA

Stuart Schroeder
The Schroeder Group, S.C., Attorneys at Law

Tracy Shilobrit
Meta4 Marketing & Communication

Tim Stewart
DeWitt Ross & Stevens

Fred Stier
Stier Construction, Inc.

Policy Committees

Economic Development
Key Issues: Improving the business climate of Waukesha County and the state of Wisconsin
Chair: Mike Payne, R&R Insurance Services, Inc.
Meeting Time: Second Thursday of the month at 7:30 a.m.
Location: Alliance Office, Waukesha
Staff Contact: Suzanne Kelley

Key Issues: Supporting policies that address future workforce needs in Waukesha County.
Chair: Rick Kalscheuer, R&R Insurance Services, Inc.
Meeting Time: Third Tuesday bi-monthly at 7:30a.m.
Location: Alliance Office, Waukesha
Staff Contact: Mary Baer

Key Issues: Zoo Interchange reconstruction, construction of a Waukesha West By-Pass, approval of the City of Waukesha’s application for Lake Michigan water to comply with an EPA order to meet federal radium standards by 2018. Municipal cooperation/consolidation to drive improved public services & cost savings. Initial focus is to encourage more communities to join the Waukesha County Dispatch Center as appropriate.
Chair: Jeff Hoffman, Cushman & Wakefield | The Boerke Company

Vice Chair: Tim Stewart, DeWitt Ross & Stevens
Meeting Time: First Tuesday bi-monthly at 7:45a.m.
Location: Alliance Office, Waukesha
Staff Contact: Amanda Payne


For more information, please contact Suzanne Kelley.