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  • OPEN is designed for CEOs or Owners of for-profit companies with 10 or more employees. This program is exclusive to members of the Waukesha County Business Alliance.

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  • Owners, Partners, & Entrepreneurs Network (OPEN) is a CEO forum providing business owners a network of non-competing companies, access to education, and guidance from a trained facilitator. OPEN focuses on the improvement of various day-to-day operations within members’ businesses, including human resources, systems & information, processes, sales and marketing.


    Each group, made up of 8-12 professionals, will allow for the exchange of ideas between leaders of companies. All con­versations are confidential. Due to the nature of the Forum, participants must make a year-long commitment to the group.


    Regular monthly meetings will be scheduled at a time and location convenient to the group members. Individual groups will be facilitated by an independent professional.

    Quarterly meetings will feature a keynote speaker and will focus on areas of interest that impact the greater business climate. Facilitators will encourage discussion and action surrounding those topics presented by the quarterly speaker.


    Board of Advisors

    OPEN participants will act as each member’s “Board of Advisors.” This confidential platform will provide each group member the chance to ask questions about difficult day-to-day issues and get real world solutions from others who have had similar experiences.

  • For more information, please contact Suzanne Kelley.