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  • Craig Schiefelbein  Craig Schiefelbein is the Chief Observation Officer at Observation Tower LLC and Founder of Paragon Development Systems (PDS). Craig co- founded PDS 26 years ago in a basement with loose change and today it is a $200+ million company. Under Craig’s leadership, PDS has had the opportunity to introduce innovative I.T. and Leadership solutions to several Fortune 500 companies.


    Today, Craig spends most of his work time going into organizations and helping them to build leaders who build leaders who build leaders…..


    He will help attendees to:

    • Revisit the “Human Need Purpose” their company serves
    • How to be the “best them” in their industry
    • Drive strategy or remove obstacles to it
    • Innovate on behalf of business customer outcomes
    • Build individual and career legacies that matter


    Craig’s accomplishments include:

    • INTEL award for “Most Innovative Business Solution in North America”.
    • Gartner Group recognition for “Outstanding Community Service”.
    • Milwaukee Business Journal 7 TIMES “Best Place to Work” in Southeast Wisconsin.
    • Craig is the author of the book “Get Out of I.T. While You Can”, which inspires those in I.T. to “get out of I.T.” and focus on the “bigger picture” of contributing towards the achievement of the organization’s purpose and goals
    • Craig has been recognized twice by Ernst and Young as “Master Finalist Entrepreneur of the Year”
    • Craig has been recognized by his local Chamber of Commerce for “Citizen of the Year” for his work in philanthropy and Community Service.


    Craig Schiefelbein

    Chief Observation Officer

    Observation Tower LLC

     (262) 370-1620

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