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    Sixteenth Street Community Health Center


    309 East North Street

    Waukesha, WI

    (414) 672-6220



    Did you know?


    • Sixteenth Street Waukesha offers OB services, caring for and treating women in childbirth, before delivery, during, and after delivery.

    • Sixteenth Street Waukesha provides local ADHD testing by administering the TOVA (tool used to diagnose ADHD in children and adults)

    • Sixteenth Street Waukesha provides urine testing for the 180 Juvenile Diversion Program and is active in the fight against opioid abuse.

    • Sixteenth Street Waukesha will collaborate with your business to provide employees with a medical home, employer physicals, and any other needs your business may have.

    • We accept anyone and everyone:

      • With insurance

      • Without insurance

      • Medicaid/Medicare

      • BadgerCare


    “I knew I needed to find a place to go, and the quality of care I received at the health center is beyond what I have ever seen.”  - Sixteenth Street Waukesha patient

    At Sixteenth Street Community Health Center Waukesha, our number one priority is our patient. We improve the health and well-being of Waukesha and surrounding communities by providing quality, patient-centered, family-based health care, health education and social services, free from linguistic, cultural and economic barriers. Our goal is to keep all of our patients working, studying, and thriving. Our excellent care allows them to do just that.


    New patients are welcome! Our board certified family practice physicians, medical staff and behavioral health practice teams are fully bilingual in Spanish and English with translation assistance for other languages. We see patients of all ages - newborns, children, adults, pregnant women and the elderly. 

    Our services are available to all, regardless of insurance status. We accept most HMO and private insurance plans as well as BadgerCare, Medicaid and Medicare. A sliding fee program starting at $10 per visit is available for patients without insurance.


    Our unique care model features an integrated approach with medical services, behavioral health care, AODA and on-site social services located in ONE facility. These wrap around services, with a focus on education and prevention, reduce crisis medical interventions and misallocation of hospital emergency resources.

    Additional services include eligibility and enrollment assistance for BadgerCare and other forms of insurance. Social service workers can assist with other health care issues, special needs youths and adults, guardianship of minors and adults, domestic violence and abuse issues. 

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