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    175 Patrick Blvd., Ste 160

    Brookfield, WI

    (262) 336-8100



    Did you know?


    • We work with companies that have at least 20 employees on staff. Our largest customer has more than 200 employees.

    • Our 21 person staff has 11 years of experience on average.

    • Our most experienced senior staff have more than 25 years of experience.

    • Women hold three of the five management team positions, which is very unique in the technology industry.




    Waident wants to be your IT department.  With 14 technicians on our team you will have a depth and breadth of knowledge that can tackle almost any issue.  The best reason to consider the Waident team is that you will have coverage.  Whether you currently do not have IT staff or have a small staff in need of assistance with work load or difficult issues, our team can tackle it all.



    We also love technology and use the best technology to support your organization.  We utilize help desk ticketing software, remote monitoring and management platform, and virus and malware monitoring so your organization will have everything you need.


    Our technicians begin with onboarding which includes bringing all your technology up to date from operating systems and virus scanning to considerations of the age of your equipment and the security of your networks.  Our onboarding documentation process has more than 60 templates that are used to gather information about everything from your network diagrams and passwords to how your main software platforms are loaded and updated.  Ongoing reporting helps you to understand in simple terms not only what is happening but how we are doing our job.  Accountability is a cornerstone of providing great service.


    Providing CIO Level strategy is handled by our most senior staff who have had more than 20 years in IT and are experienced at providing guidance as part of our complete technology management service.


    Whether you have a staff of 20 or 200, we are currently helping firms like yours.  Waident’s current customers are in Finance, Medical, Commercial Real Estate, Construction, and Manufacturing.


    We always provide free up front consultations so you know exactly what to expect and how Waident works for you in a very structured and accountable manner to provide the best quality technology management available.  If you have no documentation, are concerned about data back-ups, security or whether your environment is performing to the top of its potential, give us a call and we will be happy to provide you guidance.

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