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    Learning Exchange was founded in 1995 by Ellen Larkin Sternig and Timothy Larkin, with the purpose of helping students succeed in their education. As the preferred supplier of Mimio® Interactive Teaching Technologies, CurriculumLoft™ digital curriculum management software and KUNO™ one-to-one educational tablets, we strive to bring interactive technologies to every classroom and business organization.


    Our mission

    We work alongside organizations to optimize their productivity with customers, people, processes and systems. We do this so organizations can more effectively compete and win. This is successful  through a 'Team' atmosphere which focuses on three key elements: 'Mind Set, Skill Set and Tool Set.'


    Over 40 years of education training experience

    Our team diligently works to ensure interactive technologies are accessible to and properly utilized by the masses. We do so by  effectively marketing the Mimio, CurriculumLoft and KUNO brand and establishing effective training that covers product functionality, ease of use and professional development.


    Did you know?

    • Learning Exchange provides an in-depth, extensive variety of training programs.
    • We are Mimio’s reseller of the year.
    • We provide interactive technology for both education and business environments.
    • We are a resource for hardware, software and professional development.
    • Learning Exchange received the Milwaukee Future 50 award 2 years in a row.


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