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    Did you know that training your managers in areas of harassment, interviewing, accommodation or discrimination could save you more than your business might make this year?  Not training managers will leave you vulnerable should a claim arise.  Managers advance in their careers for demonstrating many skillsets, but higher level HR expertise is not usually one of them.   Bringing someone with this skillset to the table for a training, consult, or strategy can be a big relief when workplace relationships, culture or practices threaten your business success. 


    Keto Associates Consulting can bring just the right amount of HR intervention that you need.  If you have no HR staff, get an assessment to determine where you may be at risk.  If you have HR staff that operates at entry level, support the department with temporary or project-basis HR consulting.  Pay only for what you need.  What sets Keto Associates apart is that a discussion will identify your needs; Other resources may try to provide pre-planned programs to fit all business issues.  Don’t pay for what you don’t need; get specifically what you do need.

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