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    The Heath Approach

    The Heath Approach consists of a time tested process that focuses on working with management teams that are forward looking and are prepared to respond to challenges and opportunities.  The approach provides a business monitoring system that empowers management teams to be proactive and address necessary adjustments on a timely basis.  The service covers all key aspects of a company’s performance which leads to increased productivity and profitability.




    The Monthly Heath Meeting

    The key to continual improvement is utilizing a process that engages all management team members and provides an environment for a healthy exchange of ideas.  The monthly Heath meeting is the best way to accomplish this involvement and consists of the following characteristics:

    • A regularly scheduled monthly meeting facilitated by a Heath executive with extensive experience in leading proactive sessions
    • A custom designed graphics package that includes information obtained from existing client reports such as the income statement, balance sheet and operating results
    • Development and implementation of relevant key performance indicators
    • Utilization of metrics to evaluate progress toward attaining established objectives
    • Preparation of an action item listing that requires the responsible team member to investigate potential issues and recommend corrective action
    • Comparison of the company’s metrics to best practice metrics
    • Team building


    Client Characteristics

    The key characteristic of companies that utilize the Heath service is the President’s acknowledgement that working with an objective outside business expert can take the company to the next level. The Heath Approach is very effective in challenging the team to constantly improve and can be utilized in a wide variety of situations such as:

    • In companies of all sizes in virtually any industry
    • In family owned, privately held or public companies
    • In training the next generation or educating and improving the current management team
    • To upgrade a company prior to its sale



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