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    The name HUSCO is an acronym that stands for Hydraulic Unit Specialty Company.  Inherent in this name is the core of our business model:  developing innovative, customized hydraulic solutions that improve the overall efficiency, controllability and performance of automotive and off-highway mobile equipment.  HUSCO does not have a standard catalog of products, instead we custom-design a new product for each customer application.  We hold over 100 patents across a broad range of hydraulic technologies and use this intellectual property to differentiate HUSCO from our competitors.  The firm operates in two distinct divisions that serve both the Off-highway and Automotive sectors.




    HUSCO Automotive designs and manufactures the enabling components for many new automotive technologies such as variable valve timing, cylinder deactivation, advanced transmissions and oil pump controls.  These are they key technologies that are enabling automakers to achieve the challenging miles per gallon and emissions standards set by the US EPA.  The fuel saved by HUSCO components produced in 2014 will exceed the total fuel savings generated by every plug-in electric vehicle on the road today!




    HUSCO’s off-highway division designs and manufactures the main control valves used in mobile construction, material handling and agricultural applications.  HUSCO’s product acts as the ‘brain’ of the machine, controlling all motion on the equipment.  We differentiate ourselves versus our competition by providing our customers with innovative hydraulic systems that help improve fuel efficiency, reduce system cost and improve machine controllability.  HUSCO is known as an innovator in the space and have developed a number of patented, market-leading technologies including INCOVA, the most efficient and advanced control valve every produced. It is typical for new HUSCO customers to achieve real-world fuel efficiency improvements as high as 40%.


    HUSCO_Auto-Cam-Cartridge    HUSCO_Auto-Cartridge

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