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    For nearly 50 years, Glenroy, Inc. has been a trusted converter and printer of flexible packaging film. A privately held company headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, Glenroy manufactures high-quality flexible packaging and premade pouches for a variety of industries, including personal care, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, automotive, and household products.





    In the summer of 1965, Herb, Ruth, and Roy Jablonka founded Glenroy, Inc. with a mission of providing the highest-quality flexible packaging in the industry. The company was named after Herb and Ruth’s sons, Glen and Roy.


    Over time, Glenroy developed a well-known reputation in the flexible packaging industry for providing material that was consistently dependable and high in quality. Positive word-of-mouth led to a loyal following of customers and steady growth.




    Today, Glenroy has over 150 employees and provides high-quality flexible packaging film and premade pouches to world-class companies in a variety of industries. The company is led by its CEO, Rich Buss.


    Glenroy is still a family-owned company, making it unique in an industry now characterized by mergers and massive corporations. Although the flexible packaging industry has changed dramatically since Herb, Ruth, and Roy opened Glenroy’s doors in 1965, the company’s mission of providing the highest quality of flexible packaging remains the same.


    Glenroy’s high quality and exceptional service has resulted in over 90 supplier awards and flexible packaging awards.





    “Our company has used Glenroy for many years and has always received great service and high-quality products. We love to work with Glenroy and will continue to work with Glenroy for many years to come.”  - Production Manager, Lithotype Company, Inc.


    “Glenroy continues to be the best supplier to Span. Your team’s ability to react to our needs keeps us coming back for more.”  - Director of Sales and Marketing, Span Packaging


    “I have been using Glenroy film for over fifteen years for three different companies. Whether our customers supply the film or we purchase it directly, it arrives on time, meets all specifications, and runs well on our equipment. As soon as we hear the name Glenroy we know that we can control our success, because the materials are going to work and our customers are going to be satisfied each and every time.”  - General Manager, Paxico LLC

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