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  • Executive Power, LLC.

    2717 N. Grandview Blvd.

    Suite 109

    Waukesha, WI 53188

    P: 262-523-1900  


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  • Did you know?

    • Jerry Fons is certified by 4 coaching firms:

                - Gazelles International

                - Resource Associates

                - Innermetrix

                - Arbinger Institute

    • Dan Fons is  an Innermetrix certified:

                - Behavior Analyst
                - Values Analyst
                - Attribute Index Analyst

    • Jerry spent 15 years as an ambassador for the Alliance, and is now a member of the Board of Directors
    • Dan is currently the chair of the Young Professionals of Waukesha County, and is a current member of the Ambassadors
    • Jerry Spent 18 years in manufacturing as an Industrial Engineer, Plant Manager, and Vice President of Operations
    • Our clients include:

                - Quad Graphics
                - ProHealth Care
                - National Insurance

                - Nev’s Ink
                - Tim O’Brien Homes
                - Ogden Companies
                - CL&D Graphics
                - Taylor Dynamometer

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    Release the Power of Your Team


    “We spend 2% of our time recruiting and 75% of our time managing our EP-TalentManagement_logo

    recruiting mistakes.”  Richard Fairbanks – CEO of Capital One

    “If you want everybody on the same page, you need the page first.”EP-BusinessAcceleration_Logo

     Verne Harnish – Gazelles International

    “Leadership is the art of getting others to do what you want done,EP-ExecutiveCoaching_Logo

    because they want to do it.”   Dwight Eisenhower

    At Executive Power, we’ve been helping our clients Release the Power of Their Teams for 16 years. 


    Talent Management

    As Jim Collins said, the first thing you need to do is get the “Right People on the bus, and the Wrong People off the bus.”  Then you need to get the “Right People” in the “Right Seats.”  Stop spending valuable time sifting through all of the lousy candidates, and spend all of that time with the “A-Potential” talent.  We use today’s big-data technology to help you find the talent you need, put them in the right seats in your organization, and then help you develop the talents they bring to your team.  


    Business Acceleration

    Too many people spend way too much time coming up with the perfect annual plan, and then 2 months later it changes – and they never execute on their plans.  This becomes a vicious cycle and the company becomes reactive to external environments, and it seems like they are always in catch-up mode.  We take the fluff out of the planning process, and help you put in place the Operating Disciplines to make sure your team is executing on your plans, with a rhythmic and proactive approach.


    Executive Coaching

    Most of us start out as worker bees, and work our way up through the ranks of the organization, because we work hard and take on responsibility.  But it is this hard work, or what we call “Doing” that gets in our way as a leader.  No one else will do it the way that I do it; It’s just easier to do it than to show them how to do it; I don’t feel productive in my day unless I physically and tangibly DO something.  We help experienced and up-coming leaders get-out-of-their-own-way, learn how to get others to do what they want done because they want to do it, and to ultimately become a Leader of Leaders.

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