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    DMG / Mori Seiki / Ellison Technologies is a division of Ellison Technologies, Inc., which is the largest machine tool integrator in North America, representing 80% of the metal cutting market.  With 22 locations across the U.S. and Canada, Ellison is committed to the survival and growth of the manufacturing industry.  We sell solutions, and provide our customers with the ability not only to make the part, but to make it at lower cost.  In addition to distributing the latest CNC machine tool technology, Ellison provides engineering solutions, service and parts support, turnkey solutions, robotic automation and machine financing.  




    Ellison Can Help Manufacturers:

    • Shorten lead times
    • Reduce the cost of manufacture
    • Optimize production flow
    • Leverage information technology
    • Develop lean sigma capabilities
    • Optimize part process methodology
    • Stay abreast of emerging technologies




    Newest Developments:

    We are proud to announce the launch of the revamped world-class showroom in our Pewaukee facility. Entitled the “Profitability Zone,” our enhanced showroom has a dedicated space to exhibit the most cutting edge CNC machines in the market. The goal of the Profitability Zone is to demonstrate DMG / Mori Seiki / Ellison Technologies’ ability to help companies become more profitable by investing in the right machines with tailored solutions.




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