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  • The DataComm Plus Legacy


    Our mission is to provide exceptional value through managed services that eliminate technological obsolescence, ensure a fixed cost for our business partners, and maximize the profits, productivity, image and competitive advantage of those partners. Our highly trained and motivated professionals give you measurable results.


    Did you know that 90% of all businesses have 20% too many phone lines? That is wasted funds which could be reallocated to increase employee productivity and overall profitability… The founders of DataComm Plus, Bob and Tom Sodemann, learned this invaluable information from their father, Robert who was an AT&T engineer. The industrious brothers developed Ultimate! Call Accounting software to illustrate the overage to business owners. Armed with this tool, Phones Plus, Inc opened in 1981, just as the market was shifting from an AT&T monopoly to a competitive one. The global approach Bob and Tom adopted allowed more than 4,000 local businesses to take advantage of the latest technology with little to no out of pocket additional expense.

    Over 30 plus years, Bob and Tom Sodemann have grown this business into the great resource it is today. As the telecom industry has changed over time with new technologies emerging, Phones Plus, Inc., now DataComm Plus, keeps up with those changes in a number of ways. Our technicians are all fully certified in convergence technology, we have launched a Project Management department and introduced Customer Advocates to provide better customer service. 'Since 1981, we’ve never stopped looking at all the pieces that make up the technology budget in a business,' says Tom – 'this is why we have so many happy customers. Let us show you how we can increase productivity and profitability for your business by teaching you about new technology.'


    DataComm Plus will help you achieve maximum productivity through the effective use of communications technology.


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  • Robust Solutions

    When you examine the organizations that realized the greatest gains through utilization of technology, you find that it is never a single solution that helped them achieve their competitive advantage. More often than not, they have figured out a way to effectively integrate a variety of solutions into a unified communications platform that directly supports their business processes. Today, productive and effective business communications is a multifaceted, multimedia experience.



    Before DataComm Plus can recommend a solution, we need to understand the fundamentals of your business — what you do, how you do it, and how you compete in your market. Are you competing on the basis of price or value? Are your people centrally located or spread across the country? How are you presently communicating with customers, employees, and vendors? If a vendor doesn’t take the time to get to know you, how can they recommend the right solution for your business? Our initial discussions with a client are always aimed at building an understanding of their core business. Then we have a common foundation and can move forward as partners.


    DataComm Plus not only needs to understand where you are, but where you’re going as well. How will your industry or company need to evolve in the next five years to remain competitive? What will you need to do to become or remain an industry leader and outpace your competition?


    Every industry in America has embraced communications technology in one form or another to help them reach the 'next level.' But what technology is right for you? How can it be integrated to enable greater returns on investment than similar stand-alone solutions? Let DataComm Plus get to know you and your business and together we can answer these questions. Here is just a small sample of our solutions portfolio:

    • Phone System (VoIP and Traditional)
    • Data Networks
    • IT & Network Consulting
    • Information-on-Hold
    • Video Conferencing
    • Managed Firewall w/ VPN
    • File Sharing
    • IP Camera Surveillance
    • Offsite Data Backup
    • Website/Email Hosting
    • Email Archiving            
    • PC Equipment & Support
    • Cabling
    • Overhead Paging
    • Ultimate Call Accounting
    • Domain Names
    • Mondopad 55' Tablet PC
    • Email List Servers
    • Internet & Voice Services
    • Spam/Virus Protection
    • Cloud Computing Options


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