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  • Central Office Systems is a Waukesha based organization that supplies laser printers, digital copiers, network scanners and multifunctional office equipment to businesses all over southeastern Wisconsin. They are a three time Future 50 Award winner, were named to The Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Firms list in 2011, and were a Top 10 Business in southeastern Wisconsin in 2010. Central Office Systems is led by Chris Rosecky, a lifelong Waukesha native and Art Flater, a transient with a checkered past. Their new facility is a 12,700 square foot location on Saratoga Drive. It is a state of the art warehouse and distribution facility, as well as home to the administrative and sales offices.


    Central Office Systems sells Konica Minolta and NEC Digital Copiers, HP and Kyocera laser printers and various types of scanning equipment. Central Office Systems has an innovative approach to helping organizations manage their printer and copier fleets which results in cost reductions of between 16-41%. Central Office Systems is launching ECO Office Equipment, a remanufacturing company that takes repossessed and low usage copiers and brings them back to new specifications and performance, through their proprietary remanufacturing and rebuilding process.


    They support over twenty community non-profit organizations.


    Central Office Systems' company vision is to be The Professional Standard of Comparison.


    They can be reached at (262) 784-9698.

  • Did you know... ?

    • Central Office Systems took its name from its first location at about 50th and Bluemound in 1973. That was about the center of the Milwaukee marketplace at that time.
    • Laser copier/multifunctional devices were popularized by Konica Corporation, who introduced the first connected digital copier in 1995 and Central Office Systems placed the first one in Wisconsin.
    • The average industry experience of a field service technician at Central Office System is over twenty years.
    • Central Office Systems is the only office equipment company to ever win a Future 50 Award.
    • There are about 500 to 600 digital multifunctional devices purchased or leased monthly in our marketplace. For laser printers that figure is 1500+ monthly, just here in southeastern Wisconsin.
    • Central Office Systems can remotely monitor entire fleets of printers and copiers with its exclusive Axcess Remote Monitoring software.

    Uncut 'Did You Know?' Statements:

    • Central Office Systems' principal, Art Flater, caught a 6 pound 15 ounce Smallmouth Bass in Door County in August of 2011.
    • An object in motion has a tendency to stay in motion, unless acted upon by another object (that’s physics, people).
    • Thomas Rosecky (Chris’ son) played Harold Hill in The Music Man.
    • Art Flater worked his way through Marquette University as a comedian with a sketch comedy troupe (well he had a summer job as a tour train driver and guide, too).

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