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    We want to be your Caddie.


    Not every golfer needs a Caddie, but the best in the world all have one.  The relationship of a Golfer and their Caddie is rooted in effective communication and an understanding of each other's strengths.  Neither one can accomplish alone what they can together.  The best Caddies have a cast knowledge of the game and the course, because the confidence and success of their player depends on it.  We offer the same for our clients.  At Carrus Group, we want to be your Caddie.




    At Carrus Group we help our clients realize their goals, initiatives and projects that often stall-out because of the urgency of daily tasks.  A common thread for failure in the implementation process is the tendency to expect talented team members to spend valuable time on tasks that are outside their sweet-spot.  By offering manufacturing and assembly improvements, LEAN initiative assistance and Simultaneous Engineering, we give our clients the confidence they need to achieve their goals, while limiting distractions for the team.


    Carrus Group's Caddies are efficiency experts.  Be it your business, product or process, the opportunity to implement Lean is everywhere.  We are excited to get started on this journey together. 


    For more information or to schedule a time to connect please contact Nate Hoffman.  Or visit us online at for more information on how we can serve you.

  • If you would like your business or know of a business that should be highlighted in the Member Spotlight, please contact Amy Burgdorff.