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  • Started in 1933, this family business has grown to include 4 generations of family ownership in the beverage business. Over the past 75 years we have purchased a number of companies, and brands, while working to acquire additional territory. The companies have represented more than 250 various beers, 2,000 wines and spirits, 50 sodas and 3 waters. All of this has developed from a $600.00 truck that delivered four initial products, to a customer base that has now grown to over 1,800 customers.

    In 1961, the company built its first new 8744 square foot building, which was a state of the art facility. The original building was designed to hold 45,000 cases of beer and 1600 half barrels. The newest facility in Sussex, Wisconsin currently has 275,000 square feet and holds 500,000 cases of beer and 30,000 half barrels. The fleet which started with an old model T truck has grown to include more than 100 vehicles on the road every day.

    The customer service philosophy at Beer Capitol is simple…exceed their expectations. Beer Capitol Distributing is a top notch beer distribution business that is proud to say that it’s #1 not only in Waukesha County, but #1 in the state of Wisconsin.

    The customers of Beer Capitol are #1 and our employees know and live by this concept. One of the key components of differentiation between Beer Capitol and our competitors is that we make sure to have personal face-to-face contact with all of the customers. There are only about 1-2% of the distributors in the whole country that do this and we are very proud to say that we are one of them.

    Delivering value with our brands and value with our service are very important. From a brand standpoint, we are very selective on what brands we offer to make sure that it has an appropriate fit in our brand portfolio and we work closely with our suppliers to help build their respective brands along with our own business.

    Being selective with our brands and excellent supplier knowledge has a positive impact on the businesses that we serve. We are able to help both our on premise (bars, restaurants, golf courses) and our off premise accounts (grocery stores, liquor stores, convenience stores) grow their business by offering excellent brands and helping them to build their business.


    Beer Capitol Distributing was named #1 Business of the Year winner in 2011! Read more here.


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