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    Award-Winning Handcrafted Gourmet Caramels




    We are Becky’s Blissful Bakery. We are women. We are caramel fanatics. We are socially and environmentally responsible. We strive to bring you bliss in every bite.



    Our gourmet caramels can’t be beat. Here’s the skinny: All of Becky’s caramels are handcrafted, preservative-free, and made with 100% organic ingredients and a whole lot of love. We do not use corn-syrup or high fructose corn syrup. Most caramels are gluten-free.



    We started this crazy adventure in 2007. Today, we still make every batch from scratch. Tomorrow, we hope to be a household name and make you smile when you hear it.





    Becky’s Blissful Bakery was born and raised in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. We are serious supporters of the state of Wisconsin. All of our boxes, labels and packaging are made in Wisconsin.



    We love making, eating, and sharing the best caramels in the world. We want to build and support our amazing community. We want the earth and its people to be more blissful – that includes you!


    Each small batch is made with:

    • 100% organic Ingredients
    • No Corn Syrup
    • Non-GMO
    • No Preservatives
    • Gluten Free Ingredients
    • Nothing artificial


    Our Blissful Flavors include:

    • Original Caramels
    • Original Sea Salt
    • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
    • Salted Beer & Pretzel Caramels
    • Caramel Sauce


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