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    Aries offers high-performance infrastructure inspection equipment

    Aries Industries, Inc., manufactures inspection and rehabilitation equipment for underground infrastructure professionals. Products include video cameras and systems, cutting and grouting equipment, and custom-outfitted vehicles.


    Sewer pipeline equipment is supplied to contractors and municipalities throughout the United States.  These technology-driven products are used to inspect, acquire and manage inspection data, and rehabilitate infrastructure.  Aries systems that combine innovative cameras, powerful transporters and high-intensity LED arrays, are self-propelled and remote controlled.


    By regularly maintaining and repairing their waste water systems, municipalities can significantly reduce storm water infiltration, lower the volume of diluted sewage, and cut water treatment facility operating costs.


    Aries borehole inspection systems are used in water well, oil & gas, and mining industries, providing high-quality down-hole and sidewall images.


    Aries has been offering rugged and reliable equipment since 1985. Its corporate office and manufacturing facility is located in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Sales, service and parts centers are located in Georgia, California and Ontario, Canada.



    • Aries Industries designed and built the camera that was lowered nearly a mile into the collapsed Chilean mine in 2010, to provide the first images of the trapped miners and reveal that they were all safe.
    • The Aries office in Waukesha is located in the building that produced Jiffy Jell, an instant success when introduced in 1916, until prohibition banned the dessert made with an alcohol preservative. The company was sold and relocated, but the reformulated product later regained great popularity as Jello.
    • Aries is the leading supplier of grouting systems for testing and sealing sewer pipeline connections to prevent infiltration of storm water into sewer pipelines, a major problem for municipalities around the country.
    • Aries developed the industry’s first inspection camera with a wiper to keep the lens clean in the wet and dirty sewer environment.


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