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    Tim Casey is the director of the Waukesha County Center for Growth, Inc.


    Contact: tcasey@waukeshagrowth.org



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  • Karen Taylor is the Business Consultant for the Waukesha County Center for Growth, Inc.


    Contact: ktaylor@waukeshagrowth.org





    Waukesha County Center for Growth, Inc.


    Mission: To serve as the central point of contact for businesses looking to grow in Waukesha County


    Vision: A vibrant economy where businesses and citizens thrive



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    The Waukesha County Center for Growth, Inc. is Waukesha County’s economic development organization. Created in 2016 by Waukesha County in partnership with the Waukesha County Business Alliance, the Wisconsin Small Business Development Center and local municipalities, the mission for the Center for Growth is to serve as the central point of contact for businesses looking to grow in Waukesha County. The Center for Growth is focused on generating capital investment, creating jobs and growing and diversifying Waukesha County’s economic base to ensure each organization doing business in Waukesha County will reach its fullest potential.


    The Center for Growth’s Strategic Initiatives for 2017:


    • A central point of contact for businesses looking to expand or locate in Waukesha County
      The Center for Growth staff is meeting regularly with businesses large and small. We provide site and building searches, assistance in regulatory approvals, access to financial programs, assistance in identifying labor force and address other business expansion needs. 


    • A business outreach strategy
      Staff met with 30 businesses in 2016, including 12 prospects for expansion and five Small Business Development Center clients. We will meet 100 key employers and 100 small businesses each year to understand business needs, assist in expansion and provide consulting services to small businesses looking to grow.


    • Identify workforce needs and connect business to workforce development resources

    Through business visits and relationships, we are learning specific workforce needs and working with WOW Workforce Development, WCTC and other partners to address these needs.


    • Develop a Collaborative Fund to increase financial tools for businesses
      The Center for Growth has access to Revolving Loan Funds and is working to develop a Collaborative Fund.


    • Business Attraction
      The Center for Growth is the first point of contact for many prospective companies, brokers, developers and site selectors interested in Waukesha County. We work closely with local government, real estate partners, workforce/education entities, M7 and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to address needs and approve projects.


    • Business/Industrial Park Inventory and Development
      Waukesha County has inventoried 88 existing business parks. Another 20+ sites are being studied and we are working with municipalities on pre-development planning for new business parks and/or sites.